Wine refrigerators are particularly designed refrigeration machine used to keep wine stored at the ideal temperature before serving. Storing and serving wine is a little bit complex art, but if it is done appropriately you can be sure of getting the best out of your bottles.

In today's time, many people are seriously looking for a solution to this question, then the chances are you have enough interest in wine that makes buying a wine cooler a sound investment for you.  Definitely, before buying a wine cooler, it is important to spend some good enough time to research and try a variety of wines, it's worth experiencing them at their best. Serving wine at an adequate temperature will let you completely experience its flavours, aromas and body.

What type of wine cooler should you buy this year?

When you are planning to buy a wine cooler for a longer time then budget becomes a secondary thought as the rest of the factors are more important than are needed to take into consideration.

Following are the key questions you need to answer to help decide which wine refrigerator is the best suit your requirements:

  1. How much wine you like to store? Because this will give you a clear idea of the sort of bottle capacity to look for.
  2. Where you are going to keep your wine cooler? This will let you select between a freestanding, built-in or integrated wine cooler.
  3. Do you require a single or dual-temperature zone wine cooler? If you only like to have reds or whites it is vital to stick to a single-temperature-zone model and if you have a similar amount of both, or if you're intending to keep some bottles at storage temperature and others at service temperature, then you might need a dual or triple-temperature-zone model.

Wine Cooler For a Limited Budget - Ivation Wine Cellar

The most preferred option on the lowest end of the price range and one of the best-selling 18-bottle unit perfectly suitable easily into tighter spaces.

Dual-Zone Cellar Wine Refrigerator

Another one being a solid option for beginners with a little bit more to spend, this energy-efficient, dual-zone wine fridge provides a more sleek design and higher functionality. It’s divided into two 16-bottle zones, with the top 55–65°F ideal for reds and some whites, and the bottom 46–66°F, offering optimum conditions for most whites.

Built-In Wine Fridge: NewAir Compressor

The next most preferred option for a sophisticated built-in wine cabinet option is a 12-inch-wide and usually, 20 bottle unit can be installed straightaway into your cabinetry and a fan helps to lower the temperature fluctuations.

N’Finity Pro2 S Dual Zone Wine Cellar

Another and the most versatile, dual-zone cellar is viable for budding wine enthusiasts with a bit more space and a little higher budget to spend on their collection. Holding up to nearly 46 bottles, the free-standing wine cooler refrigerator has a sleek look that offers digital temperature control, interior lights, well-spaced shelving, and a charcoal filter that controls the humidity and circulation.

EuroCave Pure S Wine Cellar

The most durable and reliable wine cooler with the best of service has a free-standing 66-bottle cellar which is made for serious collectors. This wine cooler is also super energy-efficient, which makes for an attractive attribute both from an environmental and cost-efficient point of view.