Storing wine adequately seems to be a tricky business, but a specialized refrigerator for your wine makes it much easier. It is essential to understand the fundamentals of wine storage and what makes these units distinct will help you to select the best wine fridge and get the most out of your supply of wine.

Most wine enthusiasts like to have a separate cooler for their wines but some might feel that it may be an unnecessary investment, but the truth is that normal refrigerators can harm your wines during storage. On the other hand, a wine cooler refrigerator safeguards your wine bottles and lets them mature at the proper rate. Selecting the right one is tough that’s why it is important to look at certain factors before deciding the final one.


Wine refrigerators keep the bottles cool and more gently but standard refrigerators bring food and beverages down to below 41 degrees Fahrenheit quickly. To store wine appropriately, it is vital to hold the temperatures of the wine refrigerator slightly higher as 65 degrees Fahrenheit.


Wine refrigerators are structured to maintain proper humidity so that corks do not get dry out and labels of the bottle do not become damaged whereas standard refrigerators use dry air, wine refrigerators keep the air humidity between 50 and 70 per cent.


Undoubtedly, too much movement can harm your wine while standard refrigerators like to use refrigeration systems that cause a lot of vibrations as the compressors cycle on and off. Most wine refrigerators come with special anti-vibration systems or thermoelectric cooling systems to eliminate this problem.


Different refrigerators have different storing capacities and the kinds of shelving can also affect how much wine they can hold and the length of time you will be keeping the wine. If you want to store wine bottles for long periods, it is pivotal to consider building a complete wine cellar rather than believing in a series of smaller wine fridges.

Bottle Capacity: The majority of the wine fridges are available with capacities starting from just a dozen bottles to nearly 300 bottles. It is significant to decide and think about how much capacity you need now and be sure to leave some room for your business to grow over the coming years.

Type of Shelving: When you are selecting your wine fridge, it is important to remember that bottles with natural corks should be stored straightly if they're going to be kept for long periods.

What Types of Wines Are You Storing?

Various kinds of wine have distinct ideal storage temperatures as everyone wants to ensure that the fridge you buy will accommodate the types of wine you serve. It is suggested to ensure that the temperature range of the unit will suit your wine reserves.

Some of the high-end wine coolers use quiet thermoelectric cooling systems that make the cabinet cool without vibrations. The fridge you will select entirely depends on the investment you are willing to make and the amount of ambient noise you can tolerate.