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Wine & Beverage Cooler Combos

Explore our wide collection of Wine & Beverage Cooler Combos! At Tylza we sell top-quality wine and beverage coolers that are durably made to be long-lasting! Each cooler is made with a stainless steel exterior that comes in a sleek modern design. Each is engineered with a powerful compressor to keep your wines and canned beverages at the perfect temperature. The wine and beverage cooler combo also features a dual-zone that keeps your wines at an adjustable temperature between 41 to 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit and your beer at an adjustable temperature between 35.6 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only does the dual-zone provide you with the best value, but each wine and beer combination fridge comes with adjustable rack space inside, giving you the liberty to organize your drinks however you like!

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Wine & Beverage Cooler Combination

Wine & Beverage Cooler Combos - Design Meets Reliability

The 24 inch wine and beverage cooler has the option to easily slide under a counter or free stand in the corner of any room. Each fridge comes with adjustable black feet that make both options possible. Regardless of which you choose, the cooler fits well with any type of kitchen or office space. Compared to our wine and beer combination coolers in the market, at Tylza each is designed to have spacious room enough to fit up from 18 bottles of your favorite wine and cans to 130 bottles! It’s time to showcase your stunning beer and wine collection in the cooler of your choice! Each comes with double layer tempered glass doors that keep your wines protected from water mist and UV damage. The under-counter and built-in coolers featured on this page are all 24 inches in height with varied front designs to suit your needs. There are a handful of features each wine and beverage cooler combo contains. Therefore, explore each fridge to see which features match your preferences.

The Wine & Beverage coolers were created for wine or beer enthusiasts who enjoy having a great personal collection of their own favorite drinks. For those who don’t consider themselves enthusiasts, the coolers are also created to make you fall in love with properly displaying your drink on stunning wooden shelves and LED lighting. Tylza is dedicated to creating reliable and energy-efficient coolers in a simple yet stylish design that places it on top of its beverage fridge and cooler market. So stop waiting and give your drinks their own proper space making them more accessible to you. Althought the wine and beer combination cooler is great as a starter to anyone looking to collect more of their favorite drinks and it’s also great as a professional fridge for formal office or home events. Host the next office party and watch as your guests eagerly help themselves to a drink when they see your stunning fridge. Easily install it anywhere! You won’t regret an Investment into your passions or hobbies. It’s time to explore every 24 inch wine and beverage cooler now! 

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