The Best 5 Wall Mount Range Hoods in 2022

OCT 11, 2022

Many people cook at home for various reasons. For instance, those who wish to keep track of their meals closely or have diet restrictions prefer to cook their food than buy ready-made meals. In addition, one study found that 71% of people who stayed at home during the pandemic preferred to keep cooking even when food businesses reopened their doors.

Another study showed that an average home-cooked meal costs about USD$4 per person. It’s considerably more affordable than a restaurant-delivered meal costing USD$20 on average.

Because of people staying at home and cooking more, it’s no surprise for many people to upgrade their kitchens. Some might look to upgrade their cookware, but others center their upgrades on kitchen fixtures. One essential kitchen feature is a wall mount range hood.

Why A Range Hood?

A range hood offers various benefits, including keeping your home free from food odors and ventilating your cooking area. Ventilating your kitchen is also critical to minimize mold growth. This kitchen appliance might be a good investment for those who wish to save more money by cooking meals at home. After all, the benefits of having it may encourage you to refrain from eating out, and you get to learn more cooking techniques.

You might be looking for a range hood, especially if you have limited means to air out your kitchen and keep it clean. If you’re looking for a suitable range hood for your home, here are the five best options this year (and possibly the next):

1. Tylza 30" 900CFM Wall Mount Range Hood

If you’re looking for equipment to keep your kitchen odor-free, the Tylza 30" 900CFM Wall Mount Range Hood is an excellent option. This range hood features aluminum filters that effectively remove odd scents in your cooking area. You can install it directly above your stove without taking up much space in your kitchen.

This range hood features powerful multiple-speed fans that help keep your kitchen well-ventilated. You can cook indoors without worrying about the heat from your stove increasing the room’s temperature. While the Tylza range hood has multi-speed fans, it keeps fan noise to a minimum, allowing you to cook any time of the day without trouble, on top of its dual LED lighting.

2. IKTCH IKP02R 30" Wall-Mount Range Hood

Simple mishaps like leaving your cooking unattended can lead to a burnt dinner or a kitchen full of smoke. If you’re one of the five million households without smoke detectors, you might not know your house is on fire until it’s too late. And if your kitchen doesn’t have any windows, it can be difficult to air out the room and get rid of the haze.

If you want to air out your kitchen, the IKTCH IKP02R 30” Wall-Mount Range Hood is a great addition to any kitchen. The IKTCH features four fan speeds and 900 CFM dual motors that allow you to keep out the smoke your cooking produces. This range hood also features a touch screen you can use to set alarms while you’re making a meal and two LED lights to keep your cooking area well lit.

3. HisoHu Wall Mount Range Hood

You have to consider various aspects when designing your kitchen. For instance, if you wish to have a wine cooler at home, you should pick the right size to ensure it fits your cooking area. The same goes when you’re choosing a range hood.

The HisoHu Wall Mount Range Hood is a 30-inch adjustable kitchen equipment you can install to save space. It boasts a 6-inch exhaust duct vent, so it can eliminate cooking fumes your home cooking effectively, preventing it from harming your health and skin. The 5-layer aluminum filters are easy to clean and capture grease efficiently. This means you won’t have any problems keeping the HisoHu clean. 

4. COSMO COS-668WRC75 Wall Mount Range Hood

Your kitchen’s aesthetic can influence how often you want to cook. If it looks disorganized, you might prefer not to make your meal at home. On the other hand, if your kitchen feels more conducive to cooking, you might be more motivated to cook.

Investing in the COSMO COS-668WRC75 Wall Mount Range Hood is a great choice if you have a modern kitchen. Its sleek appearance complements high-end kitchen designs and works well to keep your kitchen clean and odor-free. Its filters are dishwasher safe and durable, so you won’t need to replace them. The LED lights on this range hood allow you to have good visibility when cooking at night. 

5. SNDOAS Black Wall Mount Range Hood 

The SNDOAS Black Wall Mount Range Hood is a great option for homeowners who prefer a chic kitchen design. Unlike other stainless steel range hoods, this model features a black exterior.

It also has three fan speeds and LED lighting, so you can modify it depending on your cooking conditions. This model also has removable aluminum filters you can easily clean and reinstall. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for excellent equipment to elevate your home and make it safer, a wall mount range hood may be a great choice. It’s a multi-functional item that can help ventilate your kitchen and remove food odors. You can check out five of the best wall mount range hoods in 2022 to help you find one that fits your kitchen.

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