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Explore our built-in wine and beverage Cooler collection! At Tylza we focus on building top quality, durable, and modern beverage fridge and wine coolers. If you’re serious about your drinks, then it’s time to start investing in a built-in wine cooler or built-in beverage fridge. Not only will your bottles be safe but they will upgrade your home or office decor!

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Wine & Beverage Cooler for Sale

Wine and Beverage Cooler for Sale

Our wine coolers and beverage fridges are constructed from stainless steel with an adjustable temperature scale. When it comes to wine, room temperature is far too warm in most cases for red wine. Red wine needs a temperature of between 50 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. White wines require a chilly temperature of 42 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit which average temperatures of household refrigerators do not meet. Therefore a wine and beverage coolers are a must have for the best possible drinks!

There are a variety of different options that Tylza offers when it comes to purchasing a built-in wine cooler, built-in beverage fridge, or a combination of both! We offer single temperature options or dual-zone models. Both models are designed to be spacious inside, so even if you boast a small wine or beverage collection, you have the option and capacity to grow your collection. They also feature UV protected tinted glass windows, reversible doors, LED lighting display, and an energy efficient cooling system. Plus, the built in racks come in a variety of different styles, where most are adjustable. Finally, our dual-zone fridges have two different adjustable cooling zones for your beer and wine.

You can’t go wrong with a built-in wine cooler or built-in fridge! Not only does it accentuate your man cave but it’s also great for a business investment that can provide big returns or simply for your office. The coolers and fridges have versatile uses and most importantly look fantastic in any space! So it’s time to start shopping for your next built-in wine and beverage cooler!

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