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Dual Zone Wine Coolers

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15" Built-in 30 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Coolers


The Tylza 15-inch Built-in Wine Cooler has a spacious capacity to hold up to 30 different wine bottles. It has stunning stainless-steel door and beech wooden shelves that are easy...

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24" Built-in 46 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Coolers


Get the 24-inch wine cooler that features a spacious design that can hold 46 standard bottles! The built-in dual zones cooler can easily be slid between standard base cabinets or...

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24" Undercounter Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Fridges


The Tylza 24 inch Wine and Beverage Cooler allows you to safely store your wine or beer properly. Our dual temperature full glass door built in wine cooler refrigerator has...

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24" Dual Zone Upright Tall 154 Bottles Wine Coolers


The upgraded 24” Dual Zone Wine Fridge is made up of a stainless-steel door exterior with UV-resistant glass doors and 14 beech wooden shelves. The large wine cooler is designed...

Why Are Dual Zone Wine Coolers Ideal?

If you're a wine drinker and have decided to start purchasing more wines, you may wonder where to store your wine bottle collection. Your refrigerator and countertop may not have enough space to properly store and maintain your wine.

If storage is going to be a problem and you want to ensure the longevity and flavor of your wine, then a dual zone wine cooler may be the best option for you. Continue reading to discover everything you need to know about dual zone wine coolers and how to store your wine at the correct temperatures.

What is a Wine Cooler?

Wine coolers are either built-in or freestanding coolers designed to refrigerate your wine correctly. Red and white wines need to be served at different temperatures, so this is the perfect solution to ensure your wine is stored in its ideal conditions.

Built-in wine coolers can be placed into an old trash compactor or beneath the counter, whereas a freestanding wine cooler can be positioned against a wall.

Wine Storage Temperatures

Your wine's flavor is greatly affected by the temperature it's stored in. Knowing what temperature to store various wines will ensure your wine always tastes as it should.

The general rule for serving wine is that the lighter the wine, the cooler it should be served, and the bigger the wine, the warmer it should be served. The following are the 4 main temperature bands that you need to consider when storing your wine:

  • Light, dry white wine, and sparkling wine: 43 – 48 F (6 – 9 C)
  • Full-bodied white wine and rose: 44 – 57 F (7 – 14 C)
  • Light red: 53 – 57 F (12 – 14 C)
  • Full-bodied red wine and port wine: 59 – 65 F (12 – 18 C)

What Are Temperature Zones?

Now that you know the ideal temperatures for wine storage, you need to consider the temperature zones used by wine coolers.

Temperature zones are the different areas within a wine cooler where temperature variance can be controlled. This implies that, depending on whether your unit has a single or dual zone configuration, those zones can be set to a specific temperature to keep your wines in good condition.

Single Zone Wine Coolers

One cooling temperature can be chosen for single zone wine coolers, and that temperature will be maintained throughout the appliance. These coolers are ideal for those who only buy one wine type because they can easily be kept at the right temperature. 

For example, if a person only buys red wine, this refrigerator could be an excellent choice because it can keep all of them at 60 degrees. Alternatively, if you only drink white wine, you can keep them all at a temperature of 52 degrees.

A single zone wine cooler is easily maintained and adjustable, and it's a terrific way to keep your wines organized rather than storing them all in the refrigerator.

Dual Zone Wine Coolers

Dual-zone wine coolers have two separate zones within the appliance, each of which can be regulated to a different temperature. This is an excellent alternative for storing a variety of wines. Dual-zone wine coolers are more expensive than single-zone coolers since they have a freestanding and built-in design. They do, however, allow you to keep multiple types of wine simultaneously.

Using the same example as before, you can store your white wine at the bottom half of the unit at 52 degrees, and your red wine can be stored above at 60 degrees.

Can I store my wine in a conventional refrigerator?

You may be wondering if your wine can be stored in your refrigerator amongst your food. Your refrigerator is set to only one temperature, usually below 40 degrees, and can ruin the flavor of your wine.  

Final Thoughts

The type of wine cooler you choose to purchase will ultimately depend on your wine preferences. Purchasing a dual zone wine cooler would be the optimal solution as you will have the option to buy different types of wine or sparkling drinks and store them at their ideal storage temperatures.

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