The wine cooler is a specially structured refrigeration appliance that uses to keep wine stored at the ideal temperature before serving. Storing and serving wine is a bit of complicated art, but if done appropriately it surely gives you the best out of your bottles.

Does every wine lover need a wine cooler?

If you're seriously pondering this question, then the possibilities are you have enough interest in wine to make purchasing a wine cooler a worthwhile investment.  It is essential to spend a good amount of time before buying and also try a distinct variety of wines, it's worth experiencing them at their best. Serving wine at an adequate temperature allows you to fully enjoy its tastes, aromas and body. 

What type of wine cooler should I buy?

Undoubtedly budget is considered to be the most important factor but there are certain key questions that you need to answer to help you decide which wine cooler is the most suitable for your needs so let leave the budget aside for the moment, 

  1. How much quantity of wine are you planning on storing? This will helps you to have an idea of the sort of bottle capacity to look for.

  2. Where you are going to keep your wine cooler? This will help you to select between a freestanding, built-in or integrated wine cooler.

  3. Your requirement is whether for a single or dual-temperature zone wine cooler? If you only like to have reds or whites flavours then a single-temperature-zone model is most suitable for you and if you have an equal amount of both, or if you're viewing keeping some bottles at storage temperature and others at service temperature, then you might require a dual or triple-temperature-zone model.

What wine cooler features should I look for?

UV-Resistant Glass Doors - The most compelling factor that needs to take into consideration is protective glass on the cooler doors that will help to restrict the negative effects of UV rays on your wine. Ideally, you can install your wine cooler in a place that is out from the direct sunlight, but if that's not possible you need to buy a cooler with this feature. It's better to buy a wine cooler with a solid door, but they're not as widely available as windowed models.

Humidity Controls - The other distinctive factor to check on is that if your wine is exposed to low levels of humidity for a longer time it can dry out the cork. This can let air into the bottle, which can even spoil your wine. Humidity controls help you to control the amount of moisture in the air inside the wine cooler, helping to make sure the veracity of the cork.

Anti-vibration System - Some of the wine cooler models have a paramount feature of the system in a compressor, or infrequently in the structure of the cooler, that minimises micro-vibrations and noise and this can be a reassuring attribute for the committed wine lover, as over time even micro-vibrations can have a destructive effect on the wine's shade, tang, and body.