Whether you’ve been a long-time wine enthusiast with extensive knowledge about its many kinds and varying suitable storage conditions, or are just getting started on building your collection, perhaps just a person who enjoys the taste of wine from time to time; out of many, the one particular thing you’re going to invariable need is a place to store those Burgundies and Beers. A cellar may seem like a fine choice but not everyone enjoys their wine at room temperature, and to add ice to wine is an insult I say! This is exactly where a Wine and Beverage Cooler comes in!



Why indeed? Great question, folks, so here’s the deal; while a basic and simple household refrigerator may work great for water, food, and sodas, and all other generic everyday items, it most definitely will fall short of keeping your fine wine fine for as long as you’d like, trust us on this one, this is what we do for a living after all. Your wine will age for sure, but its aging will be premature, given the functionality of refrigerators being far from ideal for the legacy of Dionysus. Here’s why: 


  • Humidity Regulation

Every day refrigerators are designed to dry out humidity and increase temperatures rapidly, whereas wine coolers are specifically engineered to gradually decrease temperatures, all the while maintaining effective levels of humidity, which is essential for keeping your wines and beverages safe from environmental fluctuations that may turn them sour and dry. The function of a normal fridge or refrigerator is preserving whereas the opposite can be said for a beer and wine cooler. 




  • Temperature Consistency

Regular refrigerators are subject to constant opening and closing of their doors, which undoubtedly upsets the consistency of the temperature required to keep your wine fine. The more people inspecting the fridge, whether it be for domestic or commercial purposes, the more the fluctuation in temperature; especially in houses where this is more of a habit. This is why a separate wine cooler exclusively used for wines and beverages is essential to ensure wholesome shelf life and preserving of their quality. 




  • Undesired Vibrations

Daily-use refrigerators work on a non-mounted compressor that brings with itself a truckload of vibrations that your wines and beverages definitely do not want to be shaken by, whereas the very objective of beverage and wine refrigerator manufacturers is to design their products in a vibration-cautious style. The whole theory is that shaking wine bottles will stir up the sediments that are residing at the bottom of the wine bottle which causes the beautifully translucent and rich color of the wine to become clouded. Furthermore, this badly impacts the desired flavor of the vine, causing it to become more segregated from the wine itself. 

Therefore, given these factors, investing in a high-quality wine and beverage cooler is evidently the best way to make sure that each bottle’s consumption carries the optimal pleasure that one would desire from their wine. This is especially a prospect for professional establishments such as high-end restaurants, but their use at home is just as favorable. 





Wine coolers may have one purpose; to make sure your fine wines become finer as they age, but there are so many types of them, which is often confusing for a lot of people. Before we introduce you to our wine and beverage cooling products, we’d like to take you through its types, so you may be able to decide upon the right one as per your need and make your pick wisely without having to look back at your decision of having invested in a wine sustenance system with regret. Below are the types of wine coolers as they come, with brief descriptions of exactly what benefits each of them entails. 


  • Freestanding Wine and Beverage Cooler

Freestanding wine and beverage coolers, one of the most popular types, provide scope for ideal placement, as they may be situated anywhere you want to be able to access your drinks as tickles your fancy. They do not limit their buyers to specific installation areas like kitchen wine cooling cabinets or under kitchen counters, making them perfect for hotel lobbies, bars, media rooms and the like. As indicated in the name ‘freestanding’, place them as it pleases you.


  • Built-In Wine and Beverage Cooler

Built-in wine and beverage coolers are any interior design guru’s dream come true, as their key feature when it comes to style and appearance is the way they can seamlessly be integrated into already existing cabinetries and countertops. Unlike freestanding models, their heat ventilation systems are on the front side so as to keep the cooler safe from overheating.

This type of wine and beverage cooler is ideal for home-based bars, outdoor kitchenettes and more! Think of them as a cabinet that keeps your wine cool and well preserved without having to move them around. As stated in the name ‘built-in’, once they are fitted somewhere, they are meant there for quite some time, so do be wary of where you are going to place them.


  • Outdoor Wine and Beverage Cooler

An outdoor wine and beverage cooler eliminates any need to go inside or hold parties indoors due to wine placement, since they are designed specifically to maintain temperatures and block the sun, regardless of the weather. Outdoor wine and beverage coolers not only offer a distinguished great advantage but work as a fashionable accessory as well for grill-outs and barbeques. If you have a beautiful porch or a lush garden where you like to spend some time to just absorb in the beauty and tranquility of it, then having an outdoor wine and beverage cooler is a perfect accessory for you.



An important question. While all wine and beverage coolers come with their own assets and liabilities, there are certain features that every high-quality, spendworthy wine and beverage cooler may be found to have in common. Below are all of those features listed and described, so make sure to make note of them before making a purchase!


While most wine and beverage coolers come with single zoned temperatures, there are definitely the select few exclusive ones that provide dual zoned temperatures that allow the buyer to adjust the thermostat with respect to the kind of beverage that is being stored inside. The advantage of dual temperature zoned cooling systems is that wines and beers may be kept in the same storing place simultaneously, without compromising on their ideal cooling requirements. Think of a split refrigerator with one section having a different temperature setting while the other having different. 



Regardless of the area, you’re looking to equip with a wine and beverage cooler, it is crucial to understand the importance of a sleek but sturdy built. Double or triple-paned glass doors with soft lighting that emit as little UV rays as possible are the features to look for, so as to make certain that your wines and beverages are kept safe from harm’s way and within your sight. We would advise you to not opt for mere appearance as you may come across something that pleases the eyes but may extremely displease you when you take a sip of your wine to discover what a calamity you have run into. 



While it may seem like a precarious product with its many shelves and LED lights, a good wine and beverage cooler should not be hard to clean. It should require a simple wipe across itself and allow for its components to be easily extractable, like removable shelves, etc. So do inspect the beverage and wine cooler a bit carefully without making any haste. 



Besides the ones already stated, there are a couple of features that distinguish a reliable wine and beverage cooler from one of top-tier quality, described as follows. 


When it comes to wine and beverage coolers, one of the most important aspects of the product to be kept in mind is the temperature-regulating feature. While a single zoned wine and beverage cooler may provide storage for only one kind of beverage or wine that requires a consistent thermostat, dual and triple-zoned wine and beverage coolers allow the buyers to store wines and beverages of several kinds all in one place and at once, has different requirements for different temperatures are easily met. They are mostly ideal for commercial purposes but a number of people love to have them at their home as well. guess we can’t put a tag on passion, can we?


For any machine to be useful, the highlighting point of its functionality is its user interface. A top-tier wine and beverage cooler will come with controls that are not only easy to get the hang of but also right within the user’s reach, like sensory recognition techniques used by touch screen enabling and perhaps a few others.


Whether you’re a parent concerned about your kids breaking into your wine and beverage cooler in your absence or a boss of rash and irresponsible employees, the door lock feature is sure to erase all your worries as it activates automatically, disabling anyone but the wine and beverage cooler’s owner to access its contents.


A good product lets you clean it; a great product helps you in the process! A wine and beverage cooler of the best available quality comes with extractable shelves that easily slide in and out of place to allow you to clean your wine and beverage cooler without any unwelcome hindrances.


Want to know what else besides your skin cells need protection from UV rays? Yep, you guessed it; your wines and beverages! LED lighting systems emit the least possible amounts of UV rays, ensuring you the safest of any wine and beverage cooling conditions. Though one may think what light has to do with preserving wine or beverage for that matter, there’s a reason as to why wines are kept in damp and dark cellars to help them age.


Should you choose to put yourself through the expense of buying a worthy wine and beverage cooler, you should know a few things, like whether you need a beverage cooler, a wine cooler, or both in one complete package, which is indeed an option these days. How do you decide your answer? Easy, you go through the functions and selling points of all three, before opting for the one that caters for your requirements the best possible way. Following are the basic details of all these three, including what may be called by laymen a beer fridge, a wine refrigerator, and our very own wine and beverage refrigerator cooler.
Beer this in mind- oops, we meant to bear in mind that Tylza manufactures all three products, easily available for purchase here:



1. Tylza Wine Cooler Refrigerator 

    You, looking for a wine cooler refrigerator? Well, we have made something very special for you that you are going to fall in love with! Available in both 24 inches and 15 inches, this wine cooling refrigerator will definitely boost the quality of the bottles it’ll store; which mean better preserving and helping them age adequately.

    Its built-in style installation is perfect for anyone looking to install a wine cooler refrigerator in their kitchen cabinets or under kitchen counters.

    With a capacity for up to 30 bottles and the provision of two independently controlled temperature zones, you can count on this cooler refrigerator to be home to all kinds of wines in one place. A perfect solution for your wine keeping needs with style and comfort one could ask for.

    The tempered glass door not only enables you to assess your collection easily without having to constantly open and close it, but also keeps the sun from harming your wine with Ultraviolet rays. What’s more, for those of you looking to install this wine cooler refrigerator in your homes but are too scared of the small children becoming curious and checking the contents, the door has an automatic lock! Quite the catch, isn’t it? And this isn’t even all that this cooler refrigerator has to offer; its LED lighting system enables you to view the interior conditions and set the temperatures even in the dark. An all in one compendium for keeping your wine, all fine!

    So what are you waiting for? Head over to https://itylza.com/collections/wine-cooler and upgrade your wine storage now!


    15-inch Wine cooler refrigerator:



    24-inch Wine cooler refrigerator:



    2. Tylza Beverage Cooler Refrigerator

      With a storage capacity for 18 standard-size wine bottles and 57standard-size 57 drinking cans, the Tylza beverage cooler refrigerator is not only spacious and accommodating, but comes in varying sizes to suit the needs of the buyer with respect to their space capacity. Available for purchase in both 24 inches and 15 inches, this beverage cooler refrigerator has still more benefits to its design. Not only is it available for being a free-standing singular unit, but rather it is also available for built-in installation. So whether you need it for your house or a dining establishment, it works either way for everyone.

      These designs make it the best option for all and any areas looking for a beverage cooler refrigerator, be it a home or an office, a bar or a restaurant, this product will not fail to satisfy.

      Like its fellow wine cooler refrigerator product, this beverage cooler refrigerator is also equipped with all the merits that would ensure your beverages’ sustenance for a long, long time. Including the insulating transparent glass door, LED light system, and effective regulating of humidity and temperature, this beverage cooler refrigerator is only a click away from being on its way to one-upping your home, office, bar, café, and

      restaurant: https://itylza.com/collections/beverage-refrigerator


      15- Inch Beverage cooler refrigerator:



      24-inch Beverage cooler refrigerator:


      Moving on we have the most convenient of the three, the all-in-one, complete package product:


      3. Tylza Beverage and Wine Cooler Refrigerator

        A hybrid is the perfect word to describe Tylza’s Beverage and Wine cooler refrigerator as it caters not only to the needs of beverage storage but rather also meets the requirements of accommodating wines and that too, all at once and in one place. Now you do not need to look for a separate wine cooler refrigerator and a separate beverage cooler refrigerator, because Tylza provides them both to you in one piece, and that too at a whopping 20% sale, available for purchase here: https://itylza.com/collections/beverage-refrigerator/products/beverage-and-wine-cooler-24-inch


        The question should be rephrased as to why not opt for Tylza Beverage and Wine Cooler Refrigerator, as it doesn’t merely cover all the aspects of a top-tier and reliable wine and beverage cooler, but also comes in both freestanding units and built-in installation styles. Perfect for almost any place looking to be accessorized and equipped by a wine and beverage cooler, Tylza’s newest model is a dream come true.


        Not too big and not too small, great for not one, but all! The overall dimensions of this Tylza Beverage and Wine Cooler Refrigerator are 23.4(L) x 22.6(W) x 34.3(H), while its Net weight is 101lbs.


        Tylza Beverage and Wine cooler refrigerator come with a large capacity of up to 18 Bottles of standard Bordeaux 750ml wine and 57 Cans of standard 330ml drinks.


        Like any wine cooler or beverage cooler, Tylza Beverage and Wine cooler refrigerator’s primary job is to efficiently sustain the wines and beverages entrusted in its care and enhance their fineness by maintaining effective humidity and regulating temperatures. However, what does set it apart from most beverage and wine coolers are the following features:


        • 2-IN1 Smart Independent Cooling Zone

        Tylza Beverage and Wine cooler refrigerator enable the user to independently control the dual cooling zones. The left zone ranging from 35.6℉ to 50℉, and the right zone ranging from 41℉ to 64.4℉, you can easily chill your drinks and wines and ensure their optimal enjoyment. Large capacity up to 18 Bottles of standard Bordeaux 750ml wine and 57 Cans of standard 330ml drinks.


        • Powerful but Quiet Cooling System

        Using a compressor for heat ventilation, the Tylza Beverage and Wine cooler refrigerator is not only able to keep vibrations at the very down-low but is able to also keep the noise down to a minimal 32 decibels, ensuring a stable and relaxing system that won’t annoy your bartenders or guests away. 


        • Easy-To-Use Touch Screen and Automatic Defrost

        The user-friendly interface of the Tylza Wine and Beverage cooler refrigerator enables you to easily adjust lighting settings, temperature setting as well as lock settings. The machine automatically defrosts every 6 hours, so those with memory problems need not fret anymore.


        • Tempered Glass Door and Extra Key Lock

        The tempered glass door not only allows you to assess the situation inside your wine and beverage cooler refrigerator but also ensures complete insulation and consistent temperature. At the bottom of the Tylza Wine and Beverage cooler refrigerator lies a door key lock as well, the handling of which children may not be privy to, so as to keep them safe from any accidental harm.


        • Built-in or Freestanding Installation

        Available to be installed in two ways, Tylza Wine and Beverage Cooler Refrigerator is ideal for both under-counter built-in style and as a standalone unit, making it a desirous addition for every place from kitchenettes to at-home bars to restaurants and offices.

        So without further ado, click on the link below to acquire your own Tylza 2-in-1 Beverage and Wine Cooler Refrigerator, and that too at a 20% sale if you hurry!

        Tylza Beverage and Wine Cooler Refrigerator.