Have you ever felt or noticed anything suspicious about your fridge or wine cooler, like a funny noise, vibration, or any leakage which previously went unnoticed? These minor problems can become a cause for the replacement of your fridge or wine and beverage cooler. Beverages are likely to maintain their original taste if they are kept under suitable conditions. People often like wine and beverages with their specific tastes. Some expensive wines need to be kept in special environmental conditions to prevent them from getting soiled. The trend of having a wine cellar system or cooler is very popular across the US, but after some time the efficiency of wine coolers might deteriorate due to some usual errors or defects. So users need to keep an eye out for any possible defects that may signal the need for replacing the beverage and wine cooler.

Things to Notice

Your refrigerator might be not be providing the desired performance due to some technical and general problems which are as following:

-       Unnecessary Noise:

The composition of the wine cooler is mainly based on a system of fans, circuits, and compressors. Electric fans help in stabilizing and play the main part in the circulation of cool air. Temperature maintenance is also owned or linked by a system of fans. Any fault in the alignment or speed might affect the whole process, creating unviable noise or sound. A loud humming sound can be noticed from the cooler which is due to the improper function or any damages inside the system of fans. This noise should be considered as a problem and not a minor one at that.  

Other noise and unnecessary sounds could be coming from the compressor which plays a vital role in providing cool air and exhausting warm gases. It is usually placed at the bottom of the cooler with some supportive material like rubber or materials that absorbs the vibrations. Some usual noises are catered by the application of noise-canceling insulation material around the area where the cooler is placed. 

-       Uninvited Vibrations:

Wine refrigeration systems don’t usually exert vibrations. Since wine requires a stable environment with specific atmospheric conditions, even minimal vibration can deteriorate the quality of wine so wine refrigerators are designed to minimize those small vibrations. Major vibration problems are due to internal breakdown or functioning of components. Squealing by fan belt might create invited vibrations causing the main body to move abnormally. Any loosened panel while fixing or movement of a refrigerator could also be responsible for uninvited vibrations. 

Gas leakage and small diffusion can also cause movement, resulting in uninvited vibrations as they can disrupt the sediment of the bottle inside the wine cooler. The issues can lead to a major fault in the system and are recommended to be fixed or repaired as soon as possible.

-       Diffusion or Leakage:

Occasional leakage of water is normal, but the diffusion of gases is definitely not. The water leakage is due to the process called condensation. You might not notice as gases are not visible, but gas diffusion from the compressor due to any reason can be harmful. Instant repair is recommended to avoid any unfortunate accident. Refrigerant leaks are not that common but can still occur. 

A wine fridge or any refrigeration system leaking water typically has too much condensation in the cooling process. The excess amount of moisture in the wine cooler makes its way out through the exit pipe or leak. Sometimes, this harmless little by-product may become a source of inconvenience for the owner. Nobody wants to get their wine fridges springing a leak and the defect results in the decision of replacement or repair. For water leakage, a bigger apparatus or exit system can be used and for gas diffusion, internal repair with a condenser setting is mandatory. Both types of repairs can affect the life of an appliance.    

-       Considering the Life of a Cooler:

A typical wine cooler has a lifespan of 10-20 years. The ideal replacement of wine cooler should be selected for its cost-efficiency. The longer you have had your refrigerator, the greater it will cost you in regards to repairing and other millennial expenses. Since the trend of having the new edition has become very popular and people are opting for the selection of the newest models, old wine coolers slowly lose their efficiency and the overall process that is required for their maintenance. You should consider replacing your old and vintage wine cooler with a new efficient and reliable one.    

-       Compressor Issues:

Compressor problems are very common and make it difficult for the system to run properly. If you have noticed that your wine cooler is not cooling properly, this may be because of a malfunctioning thermostat. A thermostat supplies power to other components performing multiple operations like control of temperature, etc. The malfunction can cause the whole process to be disrupted. This fault cannot be repaired and requires an expensive replacement of the whole thermostat.

Other compressor problems include working of evaporation. The cooling might also be affected by a broken evaporator which is mainly due to ice buildup. The continuation of this damage affects the system of the fan by blocking the process at first. The repair would break your budget and the factor of reliability then should be kept under consideration. As temperature control is the main feature of a wine cooler to sustain the quality of the wine, so this problem is viewed as the first straw towards replacement.

These are some tell-tale signs on which you can make the decision to buy a new wine cooler for the authentic and same old vintage taste. All beverages refrigerator is not wine coolers since wine coolers are subjected to provide special conditions. While beverage refrigerators might work on the phenomenon of general fridges. 

Why Wine Cooler is Suitable Instead of Using the Normal Refrigerator

The phenomenon and process of all types of refrigerators are almost the same with some additional features for specific reasons. If you are a wine connoisseur, you must definitely have a wine cooler. You may divert your love for wine into a noticeable appliance or collection that reflects your personality and sense of taste. If you are a wine lover, you should have the knowledge of its sediment and the conditions required for maintaining its originality, and for this, you have to keep a controlled environment for the wine collection in the shape of a cellular system of wine coolers. There are similarities and differences on which we can differentiate normal refrigerators from the specifically designed wine coolers. 

Similarities and Differences:

We know the purpose of a refrigerator is to store a variety of food, but wine coolers are not made for the same purpose as they only accommodate wines with their ideal temperatures and conditions. In the wine cooler, mainly the humidity level is set between 30-40% while in the normal refrigerator it is not more than 10% which causes dryness to preserve the food better. Some major differences are stated below:

-  For food safety, a standard refrigerator temperature is set between 32-40 degrees Fahrenheit and in wine coolers, wine requires a quite higher temperature to maintain the sediment which is between 45-65 degrees Fahrenheit.

-  The major problem in storing wine in the regular refrigerator is its casual use. People often use a normal refrigerator more than a wine cooler and opening the door multiple times, disrupts the maintained temperature inside and changes the originality of wine. That’s is why people opt for a separate wine cooler rather than using the same storage appliance. 

-  Standard fridges are designed to cool rapidly and decrease humidity while beverage refrigerators maintain humidity and lower temperature periodically.

-  The main difference is also in the design of compressors in normal and wine coolers. Multiple standards and special feature circuit boards are used in wine coolers whereas the normal refrigerator holds a normal and decent one. 

-  Wine should be stored with wines only and putting them with other food items might add some external odor or taste which disturbs the original taste of wines. So it is preferable to store wine along with wines only, with a separate compartment by getting a wine cooler specific for wine only.

-  Wine refrigerators are available in different sizes and compatibility according to the requirement of the user. For big storage, a cellular system can be designed according to the taste and style of a connoisseur. Whereas normal refrigerators are designed on the same standard size with variable compatibilities limiting the storage. 

-  Wine coolers are less expensive than normal refrigerators and easy to carry while big and giant refrigerators require external support for adjustment and even more expensive. The repair expense is also less in wine cooler as compared to regular refrigerators. 

-  Wine cooler encourages the slow and progressive aging of wine while putting wine in a normal refrigerator can reduce its lifespan and quality.  

For the above differences, people often chose to buy separate storage for their wine collection. The above-mentioned basic and important measures should be considered to keep the wine in its original condition. Some similarities in buying new refrigerators are also in common.

Thinks to Consider for Buying a New Wine or Beverage Refrigerators:

You’ll consider multiple things in your mind before opting for a new wine cooler. The wine industry has introduced specific coolers for maintaining the authenticity of wine as perfect as they can. The selection of a new refrigerator or a replacement should be considered according to the following points: 

-       Suitable conditions:

Heat is the enemy of wine. Temperature plays a vital role in maintaining the quality of different types of wines. Before selecting a wine cooler, please ensure that it provides temperature with the required range (normally between 45-65 degrees Fahrenheit). Temperature higher than this will age your wine more quickly and make it over-cooked. The wine undergoes a process of fermentation and needs to be cooked under a certain temperature for a certain time period. Even minimal deviation might affect the quality. So make it clear that the wine cooler operates between the required temperature range. 

Another condition that needed to be checked is the humidity composition. Many wine coolers provide the feature to set the humidity manually. You have to make sure that the regulator has a limit of 70% humidity level which is supposed to be the ideal condition for every wine. Many wine coolers have a built-in function of humidity settings so you have to ensure they are set at and meet the minimum requirements.

The last consideration is related to the vibrations of the fridge. Wine requires stable and zero movement storage for the process of cooking under certain conditions. Movement speeds up the chemical fermentation and another process requires cooking the wine on a specific level. So make sure the vibrations are minimum in the appliance.

-       Energy-Efficient:

Wine fridges or coolers are likely to be more efficient in terms of energy consumption. They don’t use much electricity and can remain operational on low wattages or even on the solar power supply. These reasons rank them among the top efficient appliance and in some cases beating the normal refrigerator. The energy consumption can be understood as it has a smaller size compared to the normal fridges and the type of compressor also differentiate it from others. The smaller size will require less energy to operate. Many wine coolers also feature an eco-friendly system which means they can run only on solar energy while storing the energy as well. Consuming less energy means reduced electricity bills. These efficient innovations are attracting and engaging for the customers to buy the product.

You just have to ensure the warranty the company is providing. The warranty comes in divided portions as component and compressor have separate warranties. You should consider the greater warranty with the most efficient system and workings. Also, review the feedback of the previous customer for a wider perception. Select the one that fits all your requirements. 

-       Advanced Technology:

Technology has provided various options for ease of life. In wine coolers, different technologies and concepts are applied to increase efficiency. Innovation in wine coolers is quite noticeable as engineers and designers are applying new methods to sustain the sentiments of wine. Only wine lovers can understand the love for wine and its sediments. 

The concept of long-term and short-term storage was not popular back then since people started storing their own selective collection of wine. Wine is a product that requires long-term storage for its fermentation and to maintain its quality. A suitable atmosphere is required for wine storage and this has created many obstacles in designing the product. But after some complicated circuit design, it has been approved and recommended for the wine lovers to have a wine cooler with them. 

Choosing the perfect technology is also somewhat confusing. Wine coolers with additional features might come with additional charges, for example, digital wine coolers, Automated wine coolers, and different innovative wine coolers are attracting more buyers in the market now. Your choice depends on the requirement and class of your style. It is also stated that the wine industry will observe a surge of 6% business in upcoming years as people are more aware now. The need to preserve the sediment and avoid spoilage of wine is driving the global market.

-       Size Consideration:

Wine coolers are usually small and easy to carry but for large storage, bigger fridges are also available in the market. The ease of storage is on-demand and can’t be neglected as wine lovers are satisfied with the work of designers. Different sizes of wine coolers are available, for example, to store wine in the compartment of the kitchen; there is a solution of the mini-fridges that is easy to carry and feasible to adjust. Multiple racks and wooden slabs are used inside the cooler to make a lattice of wine.

You have to ensure the quantity and amount of storage of your consumption first before selecting the appropriate fridge. After calculating and idealizing the size and capacity of placement, you can move towards other factors to consider. It Is also recommended that you ensure your cooler is in good condition and in working order for safety reasons including cost efficiency. According to an experiment, a 30 bottle wine cooler consumes 85 watts only and after this proportion, you can select according to your budget.

-       Refrigerator and HVAC System:

Since the craze of having wine as a collection has increased in the last decade, many people are now collecting their specific and vintage wine bottles in a designated room with an HVAC system. Besides the fact that the refrigerator is more viable and reliable than the room system, people like the style, and the trend is now becoming very popular. You have to ensure the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning of the room forts before choosing the large collection module. This consideration mainly depicts the level of love for the wine.

Multiple refrigerators are desired for the storage of beverages in commercial shops and restaurants. To ensure the compatibility first and then take the decision. 

 Why TYLZA is Best?

In 2007, a group of 10 engineers started a company from their garage about wine coolers and the mechanism behind refrigeration. From the garage to the 50,000-acre production industry, TYLZA has seen success from the start. A company with a reputation and image in the industry of wine is now on a mission of manufacturing cheap appliances for every home. Their main motive is to provide service to their customers at economical rates. The engineers are dedicated to the research and development of high-quality and low-cost refrigeration equipment. We have already considered customer’s requirements by providing them top class and quality products. What we ensure is the quality over the price. We are always ready to serve the customers according to their requirements. 

According to feedback received, TYLZA’s wine cooler and refrigerators are playing a vital role in maintaining the sediment of wine and its taste for a long time. Our coolers and refrigerators are best for summer sessions and have become a source of relief in hot weather. We have also collaborated with multiple enterprises in supporting their business and corporation. TYLZA wine coolers are best for gifting on occasions and reliable in every aspect of the requirement. The experience of 14 years in this industry makes us a viable contender for maintaining the wine quality and their storage options. Our team is committed to perform and create artworks of appliances for the decade. We also know it is very important for a wine lover to have their wine in suitable condition and storage options and for that we are preparing products according to their needs. Our custom HVAC rooms are also trending in the market proving the best and suitable location for large storage of vintage wine collections. We have always customer’s concern as our first priority as we believe in quality and customer satisfaction. Do check our latest collection of wine coolers and refrigerators 

We are set to launch new and latest wine coolers and refrigerators. TYLZA is known for the quality of the wine cooler he provides to the customer and the customer service is remarkable. Almost all of the buyers are completely satisfied with the product and some customers have also recommended others to buy products from TYLZA. 

What we offer is a product with:

- Sustainable guarantee: We offer a reliable warranty for the parts and compressor too with maximum claims under the terms and conditions.

- Customer service policy: We also ensure customer satisfaction before and after the dealing of the product. We also serve the repair and other maintenance services to ensure the best and perfect experience for our customers.

- Return and refund policy: We also offer a refund and return policy under certain circumstances and after approval of a valid claim. We love to cater to any problem regarding the product. 

- Payment safety: - Payment safety: We also offer secure payment methods via PayPal other methods which are feasible for our customers.

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Just bought the wine and beverage cooler. Won’t cool under 75⁰. Please let me know if there might beva simple fix?

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