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Get the 24-inch wine cooler that features a spacious design that can hold 46 standard bottles! The built-in dual zones cooler can easily be slid between standard base cabinets or stand on its own. It comes in a stunning stainless steel door frame design with a glass door and LED lights inside. So, place it independently on its own in any other space like your office or garage. Since it’s a dual zone cooler, you can collection your favorite red and white wines. It also comes with a built-in compressor system that keeps everything cool while saving energy and keeping quiet. The undercounter wine fridge also allows you to keep your premium wine secure with its door lock feature! 



Tylza guarantees 100% satisfaction for every customer, and our confidence in the product is presented in the following aspects: 


  • Designed for Commercial and Home
  • Powerful and Silent Compressor
  • Two-layer Uv Protection Glass Door
  • Dual Zone Independent Temperature Control
  • Stainless Steel Door Frame & Door Lock


1. It Can Hold 46 Standard Bottles of 24 Inch Wine Cooler

The 24-inch wine cooler is designed for wine enthusiasts who enjoy both red and white wine. The fridge showcases an ample collection of 46 wine bottles with the option to even collect Burgundy, the favorite of wine collectors. If you enjoy collecting wine, then take advantage of this wine cooler and start filling up the space with your top quality wines!

2. Built-in or Free-standing Undercounter Wine Fridge

The 24-inch wine fridge comes with the option to have it built in and easily slid under a bar or kitchen counter between standard base cabinets or have it freestanding in the corner of a room. The fridge comes with adjustable feet that makes both options possible. The wine cooler is beautifully designed that with either option it’ll look great.

3. With Stainless Steel Door Frame and Door Lock

The undercounter wine fridge comes with a stainless-steel door frame and tempered glass that allows you to immediately see your beverages. If you’re wine fridge is in an open space like your office or bar, then use the door lock feature. Safely lock the wine fridge when you’re not near it!

4. The Dual Zone Built in Wine Cooler Stores Red and White Better.

The dual zone built in wine cooler is ideal for storing and serving your favorite red and white delicacy wines. The refrigerator has two separate cooling zones, each with large temperature ranges to keep your types of wine at the ideal temperature. Red wine is best stored at 55-62˚ F and white wine is best stored at 45-54˚ F.

5.Quiet and Money-saving Upgrade Compressor

Keep your favorite wines cooled to perfection with our built-in wine fridge that comes with an upgraded compressor. The upgraded compressor can keep all 46 bottles evenly cooled in their respectful zones efficiently without making any noises. The cooling systems power is also designed to save energy thus saving money!

Stainless Steel 24-inch Built-in Dual Zone Wine Cooler & Fridge with 46 Bottle Capacity

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    Product Information

    ● Model:  TYWC150

    ● Net Weight:  110.2 Ibs.

    ● Dimensions(H×W×D): 34.25“×23.43”×22.64“

    ● Volume:  5.3 Cu.Ft/150 Liter

    ● Storage capacity:  46 Bottels

    ● Adjustable Temperature Range: Upper zone: 40°F to 55°F /Lower zone: 55°F to 65°F

    ● Installation:  Buit-in or Free Standing

    ● Noise:  38db

    ● Power:  115V~60HZ

    ● Wattage:  100 Watts

    ● AMPS:  1.1A

    ● Star-Up AMPS:  10A

    ● Power Input:  100W

    ● Refrigerant:  R600a

    ● Amout:  0.88 oz.

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