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Tylza Story

In 2020, we set up a team with refrigeration technology as the core, and registered the TYLZA trademark in the United States. Initially, we formed a R&D team composed of 10 engineers, dedicated to the research and development of high-quality and cheap refrigeration equipment. We considered carefully considered recommendations regarding the required functions, materials, design aspects and performance levels. We set out to create a series of refrigerators and coolers. These wine cabinets and wine cabinets are not only advanced, but also perfect works of art.

According to the feedback of each customer, TYLZA wine cooler and beverage refrigerator can provide them with the best taste in the hot summer, and it can be your best partner at every party. TYLZA wine cooler is a housewarming gift for your lover and friend, so that wine collectors can keep the best flavor! 

Our technical team has 14 years of experience in refrigeration technology solutions and is committed to making every TYLZA "artwork". We know that it is very important to focus on satisfying customers with high-quality products and high-quality services, because TYLZA's customers are our backbone. Today, our products have covered every part of the family, so every family member can enjoy the convenience brought by smart devices.

This is the reason for choosing TYLZA

Product value:simple, stylish, reliable.

Our built in wine coolers, beverage refrigerators are simple and stylish, and equipped with high efficiency compressors make it durable.

The company takes the customer experience as the core, and we believe that any feedback is the driving force for us to improve the product.

Our Mission

Become a Trusted Brand of Compact Appliances -- Tylza

We always believe that high-quality products will bring people a sense of happiness, and we will solve customers' questions and get customers' praise will bring us more motivation and drive us to become the benchmark of refrigeration solutions.

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